Signing Up as a Volunteer

Find out how to get started as a KWSH volunteer here. 

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you can do – as long as you want to bring a smile into someone's life, we will gladly welcome you as a volunteer! Fill out this application form below. Alternatively, you may also choose to download the form and mail to us. For enquiries or more information, please contact us at 6422 1291 or drop us an email at

    I understand that all applications will be considered thoroughly and acceptance of my application will be subjected to the organisation’s need for volunteers in the areas of service and suitability to KWSH’s requirements.

    I have read and understood the Personal Data Protection Policy as listed


    在递交表格之前,请确保你已浏览 详细阅读并了解本院的个人资料保护政策。