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KWSH Nurse’s Day & Quality Festival

  • KWSH Nurse’s Day & Quality Festival
KWSH Nurse’s Day & Quality Festival

KWSH Nurse’s Day & Quality Festival

KWSH held its Nurse’s Day and Quality Festival on 1 August 2016; an annual celebration to show its utmost appreciation to the hospital’s nurses, who have shown tremendous professionalism and tireless work ethic in caring for the residents.

The celebration was also an opportunity to acknowledge staff members who have produced impressive projects in the past year, as KWSH continuously strives for improvements to its work processes.

The day began with a show of appreciation by the Management Team, visiting the nurses in their respective wards with hand-made cookies and gifts. Their appearance brought about huge smiles from the nurses, and many took this opportunity for photos with their fellow colleagues whom have become close friends over the years.

An interesting line-up of programmes was prepared for the nurses in the afternoon. It started with a song and drum performance, put together by some residents and the Admin Caring Team, which left some members of the audience in tears of joy.

Director of Nursing, Ms Jessy Chang, delivered the opening address and presented the “Best Caring Nurse/ Care Giver Award”, before CEO Dr Ow Chee Chung awarded the various work teams for the brilliant quality projects submitted for the betterment of the hospital.

In a day to celebrate the selfless attitude of nurses everywhere, there was further joy as a dance crew, formed by several of KWSH’s nurses, took to the stage and enthralled the audience.

Met with roaring cheers, their dance brought a perfect end to the performances for the day as the nurses continued to enjoy other activities and sweet treats, such as massages, ice cream and cotton candy, instant fun photo and caricatures.

KWSH Management urges all nursing colleagues to continue their good work in serving our residents and the community.