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“Light A Lantern, Warm A Heart”: Mid-Autumn Celebration ’17 @ KWSH New Building

  • “Light A Lantern, Warm A Heart”: Mid-Autumn Celebration ’17 @ KWSH New Building
“Light A Lantern, Warm A Heart”: Mid-Autumn Celebration ’17 @ KWSH New Building

“Light A Lantern, Warm A Heart”: Mid-Autumn Celebration '17 @ KWSH New Building

The annual “Light A Lantern, Warm A Heart” Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is a major festive occasion that the KWSH family looks forward to. This year, the celebration was held on 23 September and coincided with the completion of our new 12-storey nursing home building. The completion of the new building was a major step toward our transformation into an integrated nursing home and community hub, thereby enhancing our efforts to reach out to the community.

In line with the community hub concept, this year’s Mid-Autumn get-together saw a new group of friends joining us for the first time. While residents of KWSH and their family members are already familiar faces at this yearly celebration, over 40 clients from our Kwong Wai Shiu Community Care Centre (CCC) at McNair Road also joined us for the festivities. The CCC is KWSH’s first facility beyond our main site and the Mid-Autumn celebration was the first KWSH event to have included participants from the CCC.
From the car park and the main lobby all the way up to the Terrace Garden located at Level 3, colourful lanterns lit up the new building compound. Among the hundreds of lanterns, the 13 magnificent Kong Ming Lanterns stood out from the rest, with one huge 3-metre tall lantern being the jewel in the crown. The crowd tilted their heads up in unison as the Kong Ming Lanterns were released and raised in the air, with “ooh” and “ahh” sounds of exclamation clearly audible and the many flashlights from the cameras contributing to the glittering night.
Besides the lanterns and the other essential item for Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes, our participants were also engaged in various activities. The witty ones walked away with prizes from the Lantern Riddles, those looking for a relaxed evening took in the melodious notes performed by the Chinese orchestra, while some made a wish as they set sail their lotuses onto the Lotus Pond.
With the unfamiliar setting of the new building compound coupled with the ongoing finalisation works still in progress during the lead-up to event day, this year’s event had posed some fresh challenges to the organisers. However, our KWSH staff were not to be deterred. Besides the organising team, more than 70 other staff from the various departments volunteered at the event, ensuring that no challenge would prove to be too big. As the night drew to a close, the smiles on the faces of our participants had certainly made all the efforts worthwhile. KWSH would also like to thank all donors and volunteers for helping stage this Mid-Autumn event as we embarked on a new chapter.
On this night, the residents, patients, volunteers and staff of KWSH, together with our family members, had come together as one big KWSH family to celebrate this festival for reunion. The environment might be new, but it was the same old familiar warmth and love 🙂