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Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

  • Mid-Autumn Festival 2016
Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

An occasion to celebrate family and unity, the Mid-Autumn Festival brings together the KWSH residents and their loved ones, as well as staff and supporters of the hospital, for a time of fun and joy. This year’s celebration was held at the hospital’s compound on 3 September 2016, and proved to be a delight to everyone present at the event. 

83-year-old Mdm Han Mei Hua said, “I am extremely thankful for today. It is not often that you get to enjoy the beautiful full moon in such a nice garden! We also get to nibble on mooncakes while watching the song and dance performances. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself today.”

To mark the start of the celebrations for the evening, KWSH’s Board of Directors and representatives from the various Chinese Clans and Associations hosted a ‘Light Up’ ceremony at the hospital’s main lobby.

An illuminated panel, decorated with the image of the ‘Moon Fairy’ – Chang’ e (嫦娥) and glittering lights, formed the highlight of the ‘Light Up’ ceremony. It left the guests dazzled as the beautiful fairy image seemingly came ‘alive’ alongside the galore of hand-crafted lanterns. The lanterns were a testament of the volunteers’ dedication and commitment in making this festival a success.

KWSH Vice-Chairman Mr Chia Weng Kaye then followed with his welcome address, thanking the donors and volunteers for their support for the hospital throughout the years.

The celebration continued with the release of sky lanterns, enthralling the audience as they floated beneath the moon light. The residents, including some bed-bound ones seated on recliner wheelchairs, enjoyed the song and dance performances put up by the volunteers. The evening ended with their favourite item – the Lantern Walk, accompanied by their volunteer friends and loved ones.

For those who were unable to go outdoors, the hospital prepared something special to fill the wards with the festive atmosphere. Talented musician Mr Jack Tan, a regular volunteer of KWSH, brought a spectacular music laser light show to the wards – honouring the hospital with his first ever laser show performance to nursing home residents.

Senior Staff Nurse Ms Remedios Lagare was one of those delighted by the music laser show. She said, “The place had a dramatic transformation! It looked like a music concert for all the Ah Gong and Ah Ma here. When the music and lights came on, their eyes were full of amazement and wonder. They have truly enjoyed the performance.”