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Ah Gong and Ah Ma Can Look Good Too!

  • Ah Gong and Ah Ma Can Look Good Too!
Ah Gong and Ah Ma Can Look Good Too!

Ah Gong and Ah Ma Can Look Good Too!

Together with a voluntary group Window of Colours, KWSH organised a makeover and photoshoot session for its residents on 30 April 2016. The activity aimed to bring out the timeless beauty in the residents and fill them with joy and positivity.

Following an oriental theme, 55 selected residents were taken through a professional makeover and emerged looking extremely gorgeous for a ‘studio-like’ photo shoot. These residents were mostly 75 years old and above, and priority was given to those with no next-of-kin or limited family support.

Needless to say, they were thrilled. 83-year-old Mdm Han Mei Hua said, “I feel very blessed to be part of this. I want to thank my family at KWSH and the volunteers. This is in fact my second time since my wedding day years ago that I got to put on make-up and look ‘swee’ (pretty) again. This experience has certainly brought back some fond memories for me.

87-year-old Mr Kong Wieng Poh added, “Although I had taken many photos with my family in the past, this is my first experience in joining such an activity. The volunteers even sang along with me and I really enjoyed myself.”

The activity hall was buzzling with cheers (when volunteers cheered on the residents during the photoshoot), singing and laughter – what a wonderful time for our residents! One volunteer hairstylist added, “Service to the community is something that cannot be measured monetarily. I get to experience the elderlies’ happiness too when I style their hair. Their smiles have made my volunteering experience a very meaningful and happy one.”

Two best photos of each resident, a formal shot and a fun shot, will be presented on a “Parent’s Day Card”, which will come with well-wishes and heartfelt messages from KWSH. The cards will then be given to the residents at the upcoming Parent’s Day Party on 18th June 2016.

KWSH CEO Dr Ow Chee Chung said, “The Parents’ Day Card will be a meaningful gift to show our love and respect for our residents. The photos will also help them remember their beautiful moments.”

One of the KWSH care staff also shared, “All our Mums and Dads here are in hospital pyjamas every day. But today they all looked stunning with the makeover! This event has brought them joy and memorable moments. ”