Governance Evaluation

Please click link to access Code of Compliance for Governance Evaluation Checklist.

The Board also conducts self-evaluation to assess its performance and effectiveness.

Policies and standard operating procedures are put in place for Board members, staff and volunteers to ensure all parties act in the best interests of KWSH. They will be orientated on the procedures when they join the organisation and are required to declare any possible conflicts of interests periodically.

The Board will also review regularly at Board meetings to ensure that all parties' conflicting interests are fully disclosed and are excluded from discussion and approval should a situation arise.

KWSH conducts periodic internal audit exercises to ensure proper internal control with the standard operation procedures in place. External auditors, who have extensive experiences in IPC, are engaged to conduct internal audit exercises to enhance the effectiveness, quality and value derived from their internal audit.

The SOPs in place for our internal control cover financial matters including the following key areas:

  • Procurement procedures and controls
  • Receipting
  • Payment procedures and controls
  • System for the delegation of authority and limits of approval 

Loans to any Board members, staff or external parties are not allowed.

As part of KWSH Community Outreach Initiative, quarterly distributions of food ration are organised for the needy elderly residing in Whampoa and Jalan Besar GRC . Health screenings, talks and education roadshows on 'Active Aging and Active Living' are also organised to benefit the community elderly.

All fund-raising and community events are organised by KWSH's staff and volunteers. KWSH does not use commercial fund-raisers for all the fund-raising events.

KWSH is committed to the highest possible standards of transparency, probity and accountability. The Whistle Blowing Policy aims to promote the highest possible standards of ethical and responsible conduct by providing an avenue for stakeholders to raise genuine concerns relating to any aspect of KWSH's operation, including serious breaches of the code of conduct by staff.  

Stakeholders could raise such concerns in writing and email to  The recipients to this account are the members of the Audit Committee. Stakeholders are encouraged to put their names to their allegation. Concerns expressed anonymously will be handled at the discretion of the Audit Committee.