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Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) started rehabilitation services since 2002 with the setting up of the Day Rehabilitation Centre.

Since 01 October 2016, KWSH Day Rehabilitation Centre has been converted to Senior Care Centre (SCC). This is in support of the government’s efforts in promoting ageing in place for the growing population of elderly in Singapore. The centre provides a range of care services to help elderly patients to improve their physical function and maintain their overall well-being as they age actively in the community.

Our Services

Our team of healthcare professionals at Senior Care Centre comprise of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapist and Registered Nurses.

Professional Services

Our therapists work with patients individually or as a team to help patients maximize their rehabilitation potential and regain functional abilities to lead fulfilling lives in the community.

Occupational Therapy

To help clients in their physical, cognitive and/or psychosocial functions with the objective of promoting independent living in the community.


To maintain and/or maximise our client’s functional ability and also delay rate of physical deterioration due to diseases and ageing.

Speech Therapy

To provide diagnosis and management of swallowing disorders, and a range of communication disorders including language, speech and voice disorders.

Nursing Services

To provide regular health checks, wound management, medicine administration, insertion of nasogastric tube and etc.

Our Revised Packages (since 1 October 2016)

As part of our Senior Care Centre conversion and expansion plans, we have enhanced our services as follows.

Community Rehabilitation

It aims to help clients reintegrate back to the community through a holistic centre-based rehabilitation programme. Our therapists work with clients individually to maintain, restore or maximise their functional abilities and delay the deterioration of health due to diseases and ageing. This will help them to lead fulfilling lives in the community.

Maintenance Exercise

It focuses on maintaining our clients’ functional ability and delaying physical deterioration due to diseases and ageing. It aims to engage them in social and recreational activities, cognitive stimulation activities, and wellness programmes that involve body strengthening and balance training.

Maintenance Day Care

It is Day Care service for clients while caregivers are at work. Clients will participate in therapist-prescribed physical maintenance exercises, psychosocial activities such as community outings, recreational/ leisure activities and activities for cognitive stimulation. Meals are included.

General and Enhanced Dementia Day Care

It consists of comprehensive and structured programmes for clients at different stages of dementia. The activities include reality orientation, cognitive stimulation, reminiscence, meaningful and culturally appropriate and other structured group therapeutic interventions.

The Enhanced Dementia Day Care programme includes the management of challenging behaviours exhibited by dementia clients through the use of non-pharmacological methods.

Caregiver training and education will be provided to caregivers in need of such services. Meals are included.

Centre-Based Nursing

Supportive nursing care services for the community such as wound management, stoma care, medication administration, insertion of nasogastric tube and etc., to be carried out at our centre.

Motorised Device Assessment

KWSH Senior Care Centre (SCC) is one of the service providers appointed by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) since June 2015 for motorised device (wheelchair or scooter) assessment and training for Senior Mobility Fund (SMF) applicants.

The assessment and training serve to ensure safe use of motorised device prescribed to the SMF applicants. The centre is equipped with appropriate facilities and features for the training.

Motorised device assessment and training are conducted by KWSH qualified Occupational Therapists.


Diet of choice

Normal Diet
Soft Diet
Special Diet (low sugar, low sodium)
No Lard / No Pork
Non Fish/Pork/Chicken


2-way transportation will be provided to clients staying within a 3 km radius of KWSH.


Eligibility criteria

Clients with stable medical conditions and who wish to enrol in our Senior Care Centre rehabilitation services have to be certified and deemed fit for rehabilitation by doctors registered under the Singapore Medical Council. It is also compulsory for them to undergo means testing.

Conditions include but not limited to:

Ø  Increase fall risk or recurrent falls.

Ø  Mobility issues such as difficulties in walking and transferring.

Ø  Requires assistance to care for self.

Ø  Affected cognitive perceptual abilities, e.g. early loss of memory.

Ø  Neuro-related problems such as Stroke Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and etc.

Ø  Post-operation medical or orthopaedic conditions.

Ø  Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic conditions e.g. osteoarthritis, muscle pain.

Ø  Functional decline and deconditioning.

Ø  Dementia.


To view the full list of rehabilitation service charges, click here.

$200 deposit is required for new admissions (refundable).

Opening hours

Mondays to Fridays:7am to 7pm 
Weekends and Public Holidays:Closed


How to register?

For further enquiries on registration, you can contact us at:

KWSH Senior Care Centre:6422 1240