Inpatient Services
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Our Inpatient Services include a nursing home for the elderly. It is supported by a team of dedicated doctors, nurses and para-medical professionals.

Nursing Home

Our nursing home, consisting of more than 600 beds, focuses on providing long-term medical and nursing care for the elderly who do not have caregivers to look after them in their homes. Since 2013, it has been providing respite care to patients who need short-term nursing care.

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Our team of qualified therapists & assistants provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy programmes based on our regular professional evaluation of our patients' needs.

Dietary & Pharmaceutical Services

We engage professionals in these two areas to provide these services to our patients.

Ambulance Services

We provide in-house Ambulance Services for non-acute cases.


Eligibility for Nursing Home

  • Any elderly who is unable to support himself/herself either physically or mentally due to medical conditions and/or injury.
  • Any persons with medical conditions that require special nursing care, such as tube feeding, pain relief and wound dressing.
  • Any persons without care-givers, or have no one capable of providing the nursing care required.
  • Any persons whom together with his/ her family have undergone means test and are entitled to subsidy. 


Applying for Admission

Admission is by referral from Medical Social Workers of acute hospitals or polyclinics through the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), which is a centralised government agency that manages the availability of Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO) nursing homes in Singapore.

  • If you or your loved ones are already hospitalized, please speak to the Social Worker at the respective Hospital. Alternatively, you may speak to the Social Worker at your nearest Polyclinic for assistance.
  • The Social Worker at these places will assist you in submitting an application to AIC which will then assess what is best-suited for you or your loved ones and thereafter locate a service provider near you.
  • For more information on care planning, you may visit the Singapore Silver Pages website.
  • For more information about our Hospital, please contact our Admission Office at 6422 1238 or email us at


To view the full list of inpatient charges, click here.

Visiting Hours

10am to 8pm daily