Charming Grandpas and Gorgeous Grandmas!
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As the hairstylist and make-up artist worked their magic on her hair and face respectively, Mdm Lian Beng Wan could be seen stealing glances at the mirror in front of her, seemingly admiring her own reflection.

Mdm Lian, 85, was among the 50 residents at KWSH’s Multi-Purpose Hall for the makeover and photoshoot session organised by KWSH and voluntary group Window of Colours (WOC) on 28 October 2017. WOC has been reaching out to seniors since 2014 through activities such as professional makeover and photography sessions to restore the glory and beauty of the lives of senior citizens. They were back at KWSH for a second time after the encouraging response from our elderly last year!

The activity, which brought together WOC volunteers as well as professional photographers, makeover artists and hairstylists, had been organised to give residents of KWSH a confidence boost and promote positivity about life. Besides being given a makeover by artists and hairstylists, the residents also swopped their day-to-day pajamas for amazing outfits that had been specially prepared for them.

At one end of the MPH, some residents eagerly awaited their turn for the makeover. Across the hall, satisfied “customers” who had just completed the beautiful transformation were now immersed in one another’s recollection of their good old days, nodding with pride as and when they caught a glimpse of themselves in the mirror. Against the familiar tunes of the golden oldies playing in the background, it was a great atmosphere filled with laughter, smiles and positivity.

Joyce Toh, a Senior Executive with the Corporate and Community Relations Division at KWSH, shared as she scanned around the hall looking at the smiling faces, “It’s a very meaningful activity by Window of Colours. Our elderly were once upon a time suave chaps and cute ladies too, and probably a trendsetter themselves during their heydays. You can tell from their smiles and the glitter in their eyes they thoroughly enjoyed reliving their memories in such fashion!”

The elderly will be invited to a post-makeover gathering on 18 November 2017 where each resident will be presented an exquisite photo folder containing his/her two best shots. Stay tuned to our follow-up report on their beautiful transformation after the presentation on 18 November!

Sample poster design from WOC Makeover 2016
Sample poster design from WOC Makeover 2016