KWSH Nurses’ Day 2020
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The annual KWSH Nurses’ Day had always been associated with lots of hype each year with our nursing colleagues gathered in the MPH for high-octane performances put up for as well as by the nurses. This year however, with the pandemic wreaking havoc to any plans for a grand celebration akin to past years, the Hospital took a heart-warming, albeit much more muted, approach to show our appreciation for the nurses on 28 August.

A video montage was specially produced to express our heartfelt thanks to the nurses, with various departments contributing to the clip with their greetings and well-wishes. The video also paid tribute to KWSH staff who have done us proud by picking up various awards over the past year through their outstanding work. These exceptional staff, together with our nursing workforce, have contributed greatly to KWSH’s success as a healthcare institution and the video was a fitting salute to all our heroes and heroines.

Despite being a relatively toned-down affair, this year’s Nurses’ Day still managed to generate a fair deal of excitement as prizes were presented to winners of a pre-drawn lucky draw held exclusively for our nurses. Our nurses were also treated to meals served with love when members of the KWSH management handed out bento sets to KWSH staff to show their appreciation on this day as we celebrated the nursing profession.

In line with our tradition of presenting the KWSH Quality Festival in conjunction with our Nurses’ Day, 31 quality projects on service and quality enhancements submitted by KWSH staff were showcased at the MPH. To encourage KWSH staff to continuously strive for excellence, the top three submissions were selected with the groups for these projects each being awarded a token monetary prize.

At the exhibition, not only were management and staff invited to pen their words of encouragement for the project groups on their respective exhibition panels, “Ideas Bank” corners were also set up in the hall for colleagues to scribble down ideas and suggestions for improvement. These comments can be on any aspect of KWSH’s services and operations, and they would be compiled and deposited into a KWSH Ideas Bank for the relevant departments’ consideration and follow-up subsequently.

As KWSH staff toured the Quality Festival exhibition, they also took in the tribute video for our nurses playing on the huge screen in the MPH. Happy Nurses’ Day to all and remember to check out the video too!


Watch the video on our Facebook page if it is not loading below.