Remembering our Founding Prime Minister
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Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore's Founding Prime Minister and the architect of our nation's prosperity and success.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a visionary. He had the courage to defy the odds of what a small island state could achieve and moulded Singapore into a thriving nation within a short span of time…

Apart from its economic prosperity, Singapore is also known for its political stability and social harmony. All these have laid the foundation which enabled us to continue looking after the less privileged.

For all of us at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH), we will endeavor to carry on our charitable and caring spirit to continue our mission (of caring for the needy elderly) for many generations to come. Whilst doing this, we will have fond memories of Mr Lee deeply etched in our hearts.


Memories of Mr Lee

Mr Lee stepped onto KWSH’s grounds in 1963 and 1965 and left us everlasting and beautiful memories here. His first visit to KWSH on 14 December 1963 was warmly welcomed by the Board of Directors and a group of more than 100 representatives from the sponsoring organisations. Mr Lee commended KWSH’s good work in looking after the needy and sick. That special visit by Mr Lee was deemed the hospital’s greatest honour in the 50 years since its establishment. Mr Lee had also planted a tree as a momento to KWSH. Till today, that tree on KWSH ground has never failed to evoke memories of him whenever we pass by it.


"The current generation of Singapore is greatly indebted to our pioneer generation who had laid a strong foundation for nationhood. As our pioneer leader, Lee Kuan Yew is the most vital contributor who made Singapore what it is today. He created the opportunities that gave everyone a home to call our own, an education system that we are proud of and a better livelihood for all. We will all remember him as our Father of Modern Singapore" said Mr Patrick Lee, Chairman of KWSH.


Mr Lee Kuan Yew visited KWSH on 14 December 1963


Mr Lee warmly welcomed by the hospital’s Executive Director on 14 December 1963


Mr Lee planted a tree at the KWSH garden, leaving lasting memories for us. (14.12.1963)


Mr Lee delivered a message at the welcome reception on 14 Dec 1963.


Mr Lee officiated the installation of the KWSH Board (of directors) on 23 June 1965